The cutting department is equipped with a high-tech Robot-cutter and last-generation fabric spreading machines, which ensure high productivity and quality cutting. We reach an average of 30 000 pieces daily amount of underwear. Our automated system tracks and positions 2000 rolls of fabric, divided by color, width, type and length.

The highly qualified staff is experienced in textile production and helps identify and remove defects in the material during fabric spreading. We guarantee a lack of colour tone difference – a problem, commonly encountered during the production of garments with materials from different suppliers. In case of shrinkage, the shrinkage percentage is set in the market before fabric spreading. Before moving to the cutter, the cut layers reach an average length of up to 7 m. and height up to 10 cm. The different cutting speeds of the robot correspond to the type and characteristics of the different materials we work with, for better cutting and more accurate parts. At random, some of them are checked in a cluster at three different layer levels in order to avoid any potential diversion from the original cutting. All the parts of the garments are bundled in labeled boxes, by model, size, colour and number of pieces. They are carefully stored and arranged in pallets, until they go into production.