The packing and packaging of the articles is an important process, taking into consideration the great variety of forms, the type of packing and the customers` directions. We have modern systems for printing, tracking and barcode control.

The articles are packed in accordance with the requirements of the customers.

We have different packing methods - on hangers, in mailing bags, in boxes of different material. We can print two-colour barcodes (black and white). If more colors are required, we have contractors who can print them. For packing, we either use materials supplied by our customers or buy them from suppliers with whom we have long-standing relations. We make sure that the articles are properly packaged and labeled. We carry out another quality control after cartoning the articles which are planned for shipment.


The ready-to-ship goods are stored carefully in a place designated for that purpose. The boxes are arranged in Euro pallets and they can be foil-wrapped at the customer`s request. The transportation can be done by a company with which we cooperate, by the customer's company, or by a courier.